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    I am a nightmare (2014) / 9pg / Akimiya Jun (tumblr)

    Thank you for reading!  

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    Polygons measuring spoon

    Hey slightly, I wish I could get you one of these as a wedding gift!

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    Transfixing 3D Paper Patterns by Maud Vantours

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    No More Training Wheels: This Bike For Kids Just Won’t Fall Over

    At first glance, the Jyrobike looks a little like magic: Give it a push down the sidewalk, and it rolls along by itself, staying completely upright. The secret is a quickly-spinning disc inside the front wheel, which uses gyroscopic force to automatically balance the small bike whenever it starts to wobble.

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  10. geek-art:


    Awesome canvas pixel art by Gauvain Manhattan. Really dig this art, have a look ! More canvas here


  11. future-drama:

    Om Signal (like FitBit in a shirt)

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    Fan Art
    School of Adventure Time!

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  13. anthonyholden:

    Happy Father’s Day!

    In many ways this is the best day of the year for me. My life has been made so much richer because of my dear wife an children, so today I would like to celebrate them.

    My family writes the best comics dialogue. When I have time, I like to animate the comics, but sometimes there’s just too much funny stuff happening everyday so it’s quicker to capture it this way. I hope that years from now my kids will look back on this time in their lives and have a good laugh.

    If you’re on the fence about getting married or having kids, I can’t recommend it highly enough. There’s nothing else in the world that compares.


  14. "—Disculpa, ¿qué hora es?
    —Falta un cuarto para los dos."
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    Cosas que muchos no leen.

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